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My Workout is where you’ll find the your personalized exercise program tailored to your needs

This is where you’ll start each day as this will be where you’ll find your work-out for the day! gives you an exercise program designed specifically to match your fitness level and your fitness goals. example1
There are over 300 short video clips illustrating the proper way to do each and every exercise example1
Programs are tailor made, and take into account the equipment you have available at the different places you perform workouts. If you sometimes work out at home and other times in a full fitness facility, we have you covered as a specific program will be designed for each work out environment. example1
Once a program is designed, you have the ability to swap exercises based on your preferences. If a leg press is in your program and its’ just something you don’t enjoy…no problem, as we’ll provide you numerous other exercises all targeting the same muscle group. example1
For the serious athlete and Trainers, the program allows you to create a customized program from scratch! It’s just like having your very own personal trainer by your side. This intelligent system uses YOUR results, to adjust YOUR program and guide you towards YOUR fitness goals. FitnessPTO is a comprehensive online fitness program that integrates all the components for optimum fitness and health … cardiovascular exercises, proper nutrition, strength training and flexibility.

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