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MY FITNESS is where your efforts will be tracked using our exclusive point system. Its really quite simple, you need to achieve a certain number of points each week to achieve results. At MY FITNESS your able to
View your current points. We track YOUR strength workouts and assigns points each time you complete one, track YOUR cardio workouts and assigns points based on what cardio exercise you did, what intensity you used and how long you did it, and finally we tracks YOUR adherence to the diet program suggested for you. This page is all about you! example1
What's motivational, is that at the end of each week, your earned points are tallied, telling you how you did. You can see how you did for the day, week or any time frame that you'd like. You'll be surprised at the extra effort you'll give just to get that extra few points so that you'll get a Good Job at the end of the week. example1
View or change your current Fitness Goals example1
See an overview of your current Training Program example1
See an overview of your current Diet Program example1
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